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Tools for Learning

Everyone is unique and not everyone learns and processes new information the same way. While some students gain knowledge by listening, others are more visual. The Institute of Therapeutic Massage uses both teaching methods, auditory and visual, since our end goal is better learning retention for all.

In addition to the standard classroom lecture, the instructors at IOTM try various ways of incorporating unique and creative learning techniques in the classrooms. Modeling clay, skeletons, anatomy models and iPads are just a few of the examples. The students in the picture below used face paint to map the muscles of the face on a partner.

Obviously, being a hands on school will also allow for the visual learners to watch massage demonstration before they attempt the technique themselves. Everyone can benefit from this because the instructor will also verbally narrate the technique as it is performed.

As you can see, our #1 goal is your success. Success not only while attending our school, but also for the MBLEx state licensing exam and your future success as a massage therapist. Enroll today and get the tools you need for success!

Author: Katie Gerdeman, Marketing & School Representative

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